Fuji XMF RIP/workflow 5.1 (with upgrade to v.6.7.1)
for all Fuji, Screen, AGFA CTP with PIF-Interface
8up RIP, XMF AML, 2up Proofer/TIFF Driver 1stPO, PDF Export Option.
incl. Screen EP-B101 Network-PIF-box
incl. XMF PC/Server, Monitor and accessories.

Screen TrueFlow SE (RIP/workflow) v.7xx

Xitron Navigator Harlequin-RIP v.13

Xitron USB-Bluebox-Interfaces

Xitron Rasterblaster 1-bit-tiff shooter

Heidelberg SpeedWay LVDS-Interface Cards (PCI, PCIE)

Screen PIF-Card (64 Bit, PCIE)